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Inspirations to guests, which was featured in the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 fashion show in Rio

Strona Główna

Inspirations to guests, which was featured in the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 fashion show in Rio

International guests began arriving on Thursday, hosted between Fasano, Copacabana Palace and Caesar Park. helicopter tours were offered, visit the Corcovado and Santa Teresa and trips to see the Rio architecture. Also part of the dinner program Rubayat, faces the race track of the Jockey Club, and a brunch at the pool Fasano.
rental feeling
Nicolas Ghesquière is Oscar Niemeyer fan. It was no surprise he chose the MAC as a location, which is great for the museum, which is so badly used. The Louis Vuitton donated R $ 1.5 million to the MAC and will sponsor the next four exhibition space. "I admire the power of Oscar Niemeyer's conviction. His vision, his radicalism to his utopia. The possibility of a fashion collection in a space so architecturally powerful is a sensory experience, "he says. Indeed, it was an experience.
The beautiful banks that were used in the Palm Springs show were brought here and turned the guests object of desire. Everyone sat in a huge queue The curvilinear and in any place, the view was beautiful. Indeed, the image of models down and up the ramp will be kept in mind who was there.
The show was scheduled to start at 16:15, a strategic schedule that fit with the beginning of sunset.
It is very interesting to observe how Nicolas joins his gaze to the elements of our culture that inspired it. In a research trip to Brazil, he visited Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Inhotim and art references, architecture and lifestyle appear merged to his own vision of fashion and what is important for Vuitton. Two artists particularly inspired collection. Hélio Oiticica and his parangolés, appearing in dresses(http://www.dressesmallau.co/pink-formal-dresses-c189/) with capes and parkas light as kites, resulting in one of the best moments of the collection.


The surveyor Aldemir Martins (1922 - 2006) represented in the collection vitality of the Northeast, seen in color combinations that Aldemir used to paint their works of fauna and flora. One of his most famous paintings, "The Beast" (1969), a tribute to Pelé, appears in a bag with football players.
On a visit to the MASP, Ghesquière saw the exhibition "Collection Rhodia", a collection of 79 works created in the 60s by Brazilian artists. As told us Alexia Niedzielski, founder of the magazine "System" and accompanied the project from the beginning, the show was the starting point for the collection.
The clothes bring clippings, models and sneakers neoprene that echo the futuristic city planning finds echoes in the work of Niemeyer. Ghesquière also looked at the beach clothes for the sexy, nature and mixed all in a "hot mess", as he likes to say. Incidentally, the preferred word of Nicolas in Brazil is gambiarra, that is, he understood everything. And this tour here resulted in a parade with more fluid clothes and with more movement, different from what he's been doing since he took over the creative direction of Louis Vuitton. It is a lively and contemporary collection. "In Rio de Janeiro, which were seen more movement and explosive energy that lie somewhere between modernism and tropicality. I was fascinated by the constant duality between nature and urbanism and the pictorial explosion it creates. For me, the main question was how to incorporate in my collection all these elements that are part of Brazilian culture, not to mention that I am only a visitor who brings their own Parisian and French cultural references to time, "he said in a statement.
On the trail created by Michel Gaubert, the French band Zombie Zombie.
Nicolas Ghesquière
After the parade, he received the press and some guests in an area on the top floor of the museum. Friendly, chatted and took pictures with journalists and customers, always smiling. After a dinner with close friends, as the photographer Karim Sadli and stylist Marie-Amelie Sauvé, he was the after-show party Vuitton at Parque Lage, where he stayed in an exclusive area with other special guests, as Catherine Deneuve.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/unique-formal-dresses-c406/)
Four Brazilian paraded: Viviane Oliveira, Lorraine Maraschi (who opened the Prada show), Alexia Bellini and Angelica Erthal (which reappeared in the Prada show and is having a great revamp career). They already had paraded for the brand in the winter 17. Preferred Ghesquière, Fernanda Ly and Julia Nobis were also in the casting. of our favorites, Argentina Mica Arganaraz, who opened the show, and Lineisy, the Dominican Republic.

desfile louis vuitton cruise rio niteroi

Drones in the air
Some drones were used in the filming of the show, which makes the experience of watching it very interesting even for those who were there, since we did not have the aerial view, general and incredible that the drones captured. On the top floor of a building in front of the museum, cameras had also been placed.
Fans and residents
And who lived there in front of invited friends to watch the parade from their balconies. Almost all the floors had small groups seeing everything from a privileged place well! On the streets, a crowd appeared, mostly teenagers shouting "Jaden! Jaden! Jaden. " His name was chanted all the time, until he finally showed up to greet, thank people and make pictures.
They came to Brazil Jaden Smith, Catherine Deneuve and Alicia Vikander, who won the Oscar this year for her role in "The Danish Girl. We had the opportunity to be with the three. Deneuve, eternal Belle de Jour, sat alone in her room, lit a cigarette and stayed there. No one came close, in the sense that it imposed an invisible barrier. Since Alicia was the cutest, she took a picture with dozens of fans at the door, always with a sweet smile. Jaden, who is the brand campaign, is more shy but super polite. The FFW, he said he is loving his experience in Brazil and would like to come back with more calm. Grace Coddington and Tim Blanks also came. Brazil, among the celebrities were Sabrina Sato and Cleo Pires. According to the BoF, were present 220 customers who buy more Louis Vuitton in the world. Detail: 60% comes from Brazil.
After the show, the guests were taken to the party at Parque Lage, amazing location at the foot of Christ the Redeemer. After dinner, Michel Gaubert entered the sound, followed by double Augusto and Milos, the Wild, which animated the party, joined everyone on the dance floor and did Alicia Vikander give a show on the track. If you read our interview with her in FFW 41, you know she is a dancer and powerful. There was no lack champagne at the party that started early and went away.


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